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How to find the best photo booth in Morocco

The best photo booths in Morocco are hidden in a mountain.

So how do you find one?

Well, you start by reading the official guidebook. 

And if you’re not already familiar with the basics of photography, you should probably start with it. 

It’s called “The Photo Guide”, and it’s written by photographer Alain Jorgensen, and it was published in 1881.

In the guide, he tells us what to look for, and how to do it.

“If you want to see the best picture in a park, you first have to go and get your picture taken.

You can’t go and photograph the wild things that happen in nature.

You have to be in a very quiet place.

You cannot see a deer or a wild bird.

You must be in an isolated spot.

You do not need a camera to get a picture.

You should only use your hand to get the picture.

If you don’t have a hand, you have to take the picture yourself.

If I do it myself, I would try to keep my hand on the camera.

I am not a great photographer.

It is only when I am in a position where I have the hand on my camera, I can get a good picture. 

The guidebook is also full of practical advice on what to do with the photos you take.

It advises you to bring them back to your hotel room or the library and not to take them home. 

But how do we find these little spots?

The first step is to search for them.

Find a spot that’s quiet, free of crowds and well-maintained.

Alain tells us that you can find a spot by looking around your hotel or the park, or by looking at the side of the road or the cliff face.

Alaine also suggests taking pictures of your own house in a remote village.

Once you have a spot, it’s time to get to work.

“If they are not interested, I will give them my phone and ask to meet me. “

I don’t want to say I will go and ask them, but I will come,” Alain says.

“If they are not interested, I will give them my phone and ask to meet me.

That way I will know what they are looking for and if I am looking for the right place to take a photo, I’ll be able to get it.” 

When you have found the perfect spot, start snapping. 

If you have the camera, take as many pictures as you can.

If not, take fewer and try to take fewer.

“It is very important to have enough pictures in order to have a good impression of what’s there,” Alains says. 

You can also take photos of other wildlife if you want.

“A wildlife photographer is interested in what is happening on the ground, not what is in the air.

He or she wants to be able, in a couple of seconds, to get that picture.

So you should take photos from every direction and be aware of every movement of the animals,” Alais says.

The last step is that you need to bring your camera to the spot and take the photos. 

In the end, the photos are worth something.

Alain says that, once you have finished taking your pictures, you can keep them.

“You should give them to your friends and give them a gift, or they should put them in a safe place,” he says.

“This is the way you can give a gift or a gift to your children, and they can have a picture too,” he adds. 

“If I’m not doing it right, they are going to say that I’m bad.

But they should always give me the best.” 

The best photo spots in Morocco. 

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