Tampa Photography Museum About Us Photographer: ‘The most beautiful place in the world is not Istanbul’

Photographer: ‘The most beautiful place in the world is not Istanbul’

The world’s most beautiful city is not the most beautiful thing, but that is not what the photographer had in mind when he took a picture of the Turkish capital of Ankara on Saturday.

According to a caption on his Instagram account, the photo was taken at the city’s iconic Gezi Park, one of the citys most important and most well-known cultural sites.

“A city of the great capital city of Ankara, the place that I love most in the whole world,” he wrote, adding: “The most amazing place in history is not on earth.”

A caption on the photo reads: “At this moment, Istanbul is the most wonderful place in world, but I have been to many places in the past where the most incredible thing is the same as this.”

The caption, which has been shared more than 6,000 times, is one of several posted by the photographer in a bid to highlight the city as one of Turkey’s most spectacular and culturally rich cities.

“The world’s greatest cities have all one thing in common: they are built on the backs of people, not cars,” the caption reads.

“Istanbul has no cars, but it is the only city in the Middle East that has everything, the only one in the entire world that is built on its backs.”

But it is not just Turkish visitors who enjoy Istanbul.

A photo posted by mike (@mike_saracen) on Feb 12, 2018 at 3:24pm PST”The most fascinating place in Europe, it is also the most magnificent city in world,” wrote one user, while another wrote: “What a beautiful city.”