Tampa Photography Museum News Which of these NFL stars are you rooting for this weekend?

Which of these NFL stars are you rooting for this weekend?

The NFL’s marquee games are now over.

With the regular season behind us, we look at the stars who are making a difference this season.


Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers): The Packers are coming off their best season in years, winning the NFC North for the first time since the 2008 season.

Rodgers and his teammates have made a lasting impression on the league with a record of 32-6.


Derek Carr (Oakland Raiders): Carr has had a solid year for the Raiders, starting 10 games and making big plays for his team.


Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons): Ryan is finally making his case to be considered a top QB heading into the postseason.

The Falcons are coming in a little short, but the quarterback has shown enough flashes to make this a difficult task.


Dez Bryant (Los Angeles Rams): Bryant has been sensational for the Cowboys, winning a Super Bowl ring and earning a Hall of Fame career.


Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints): The Saints are on the cusp of a championship run, and Brees is the most likely MVP of this generation.


Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): Newton is poised to be the most decorated quarterback in the NFL.

He’s won two Super Bowls and was a Pro Bowler.


Aaron Curry (Buffalo Bills): Curry has been an integral part of the Bills offense, and the team has been competitive for a while.


Matt Forte (New York Jets): The Jets have struggled with consistency and injuries over the last two years, but Forte has played very well, leading them to an AFC East title.


Blake Bortles (St. Louis Rams): The Rams have been a mess all year, but Bortes has been the quarterback who has helped them reach the postseason for the second consecutive year.


Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs): Smith has led the Chiefs to a Super Series victory and a Super bowl win in his first two seasons in Kansas City.


Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers): The Chargers have had their struggles with turnovers and defense, but Rivers has been dominant this season, leading the league in passing yards per game.


Philip Nelson (Jacksonville Jaguars): Nelson is one of the most dynamic players in the league, and he leads the Jaguars in rushing yards per attempt.


Joe Flacco (Baltimore Ravens): Flacco is having a breakout season for the Ravens, leading his team to a playoff berth for the sixth straight season.


Eli Manning (New England Patriots): The Patriots have made an adjustment to their offensive system this year, moving more of their playbook to the pistol formation, which allows them to spread the field and run a lot of plays.


Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks): The Seahawks are coming into the playoffs with the most pressure of any team in the AFC East.

Wilson has made the most of it, throwing for over 300 yards in each of the first two games, including a huge game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Matt Flynn (Minnesota Vikings): Flynn has been a steady presence on the offensive line for the Vikings this season as he has allowed only five sacks all season.


Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals): Palmer is coming off a breakout campaign as the quarterback for the Cardinals, leading Arizona to a win over the Oakland Raiders.


Philip Wheeler (Atlanta Braves): Wheeler is one-half of the Atlanta Braves, and Atlanta has been one of his main focuses.


Alex Collins (Cincinnati Bengals): Collins has been inconsistent in his play, but he’s played a big role for the Bengals this season with seven interceptions and a touchdown pass.


Brian Hoyer (Houston Texans): Hoyer has been underwhelming in his time as a starter, but his teammates and coaches are impressed by his ability.


Blake Martinez (Cleveland Browns): Martinez has been good for the Browns this season and is in the mix to be a top-10 pick in the draft.


Alex Mack (Oakville Bills): Mack has been solid for the Bills this season for a team that had a tough time last season.


Derek Anderson (Arizona Raiders): Anderson has been very effective for the Arizona Raiders this season in what has been his first year in the National Football League.


Ryan Fitzpatrick (New Yorker Jets): Fitzpatrick has had his struggles in recent years, which could hurt him in the eyes of his peers.

But the Jets are going to be looking for their first win in the division in about a month, so Fitzpatrick should be a favorite to win the job.


Matt Moore (Detroit Lions): Moore has been great for the Lions this season after he was benched last season and was replaced by Matthew Stafford.


Cam Meredith (Carolineotte Panthers): Meredith has been impressive in his own right this season even though he has played in just three games.


Matt Cassel (New Jersey Jets): Cassel has