Tampa Photography Museum News What the world can learn from a world-renowned museum of photography

What the world can learn from a world-renowned museum of photography

A new museum dedicated to photography is taking the world by storm. The Montrēn Photography Museum is set to open in Melbourne’s CBD next year.

This is a big step for the museum, which will open on the same day the Melbourne International Film Festival opens in Brisbane.

Its co-founder and curator Peter Riek said it was a fitting time to showcase Australia’s collection of great photography.

“This museum will be a place where people from around the world come and visit, and it’s a really great way for people to learn about this amazing country,” Mr Rieker said.

Mr Rieke said the museum was inspired by his travels around Europe and America, where he discovered how the art and photography had been used in different cultures.

“There’s a lot of people who are interested in the history of photography, and the art of photography,” he said.

“It’s important that the museum focuses on the history and the importance of photography in the world.”

Mr Kieke also wanted to bring the exhibition to Australia.

His son Peter Kiek, who works in the photographic arts, also works for the Australian National University.

In the past year, the museum has been nominated for an Australian Arts Council award for its collection of artworks.

It also has an international reputation, with its exhibitions at the Kunsthaus in Berlin, the Kunsthalle Museum in Amsterdam and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in Sydney.

Visitors can learn about the history, art and history-making of photography and have the opportunity to learn more about its importance in Australian society.

Montrēns photography museum, a collection of approximately 500,000 images, is due to open next year in Melbourne.