Tampa Photography Museum Photography Museum New York photographer says he was targeted by men who called to complain about his photos

New York photographer says he was targeted by men who called to complain about his photos

DALLAS — A New York City photographer says his photo project for a national chain of jewelry stores sparked a hate campaign against him.

The photo project was intended to help a national retailer get the word out about a new line of jewelry made from reclaimed materials and reclaimed soil, but a couple of men targeted the project online, wrote Michael DeGraffenreid for the New York Times.

He said they called him repeatedly to complain that he was making the images “not the way they wanted them,” and threatened to “shoot” him if he didn’t stop using the photos.

The photos of jewelry and other items have appeared in magazines and online since they were taken.

The campaign has included death threats against the photographer and other photographers who had the images published in the New Yorker, the Times and other publications.

The men behind the campaign were not identified.

In an interview with The Associated Press, DeGraffens said he felt the backlash was unfair and didn’t want to comment further.

“There is nothing to be done,” he said.

“This was an effort to make sure this store would be able to sell its product, and to make a statement that we can be seen as not just being able to buy something but being able buy things from people who are doing the same thing.”

DeGraffenres, who owns the New England Photography and Media Company, said he has not received any death threats, and that he’s been able to focus on his photography.

He hopes to return to New York next year to continue the project, which he has dubbed the “Ringling Museum of Photography” and is aiming to cover the stores in a month.

He plans to use his own money to help pay for the travel and accommodation for the project.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.