Tampa Photography Museum Photography Museum Which museum photographer has captured the most incredible moments from the world of photography?

Which museum photographer has captured the most incredible moments from the world of photography?

In a world where the average photographer can make a couple hundred dollars per year, it’s no surprise that many photographers are making a living by capturing unique moments in their profession.

And while there are a number of well-known photographers in the world, there’s a surprising amount of creativity in the industry.

The world of photographers has evolved in the past century and it’s easy to forget how much creativity there was even before cameras were invented.

From the first photographs to the first prints, this article will tell you which of the best-known photojournalists are taking the time to make a difference in the lives of others.1.

Robert E. Lee, US Civil War2.

Alexander Gardner, Soviet military photographer3.

Mark Bittman, Vietnam war photographer4.

Jack Kirby, artist5.

Peter Kress, photographer6.

Jack Walker, photographer7.

Thomas Gainsborough, photographer8.

Walter Murch, photographer9.

Thomas Mann, photographer10.

Robert Schumann, photographer11.

Harry Richardson, photographer12.

Frank Mancini, photographer13.

Tom Selleck, photographer14.

Jim Cooke, photographer15.

Jim Steinmetz, photographer16.

John Hillman, photographer17.

Steve McQueen, photographer18.

Peter Bogdanovich, photographer19.

Frank Ochs, photographer20.

John Landis, photographer21.

David Niven, photographer22.

Bob Hennig, photographer23.

Steve Muhlestein, photographer24.

Robert Neubecker, photographer25.

Robert McNamara, photographer26.

Bill Richardson, journalist27.

George Miller, journalist28.

Michael Portnoy, journalist29.

Joe Haldeman, journalist30.

Michael Ovitz, journalist31.

Bob Dylan, journalist32.

Paul Gauguin, journalist33.

John Wyman, journalist34.

Richard Ford, journalist35.

Andy Warhol, photographer36.

George Gershwin, photographer37.

Bob Weir, photographer38.

Steve Reich, photographer39.

George Tung, photographer40.

Bill Hader, photographer41.

Ken Kesey, photographer42.

John Waters, photographer43.

David Bowie, musician44.

Tom Waits, musician45.

George Clinton, musician46.

Steve Miller, musician47.

Paul McCartney, musician48.

Neil Young, musician49.

Paul Oakenfold, musician50.

Robert DeNiro, actor1.

James Beard, author2.

Tom Petty, musician3.

Joe Cocker, actor4.

Richard Burton, actor5.

Michael J. Fox, actor6.

Sean Connery, actor7.

Bill Murray, actor8.

David Cassidy, actor9.

Clint Eastwood, actor10.

Tom Hanks, actor11.

Jennifer Lopez, actress12.

Amy Adams, actress13.

Meryl Streep, actress14.

Julia Roberts, actress15.

Russell Crowe, actor16.

George Takei, actor17.

Jennifer Lawrence, actress18.

Robert Pattinson, actor19.

Mark Wahlberg, actor20.

Ben Affleck, actor21.

John Travolta, actor22.

James McAvoy, actor23.

John C. Reilly, actor24.

Billy Crystal, actor25.

Bruce Willis, actor26.

John Cleese, actor27.

Jennifer Aniston, actress28.

Kevin Spacey, actor29.

Will Ferrell, actor30.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress31.

Jason Sudeikis, actor32.

Michael Shannon, actor33.

Billy Ray Cyrus, actor34.

Robert Redford, actor35.

Jason Alexander, actor36.

John Lithgow, actor37.

John Stamos, actor38.

Mark Hamill, actor39.

Amy Poehler, actor40.

John Goodman, actor41.

Robert Zemeckis, comedian42.

Chris Rock, actor43.

Tom Cruise, actor44.

Chris Pratt, actor45.

John Hodgman, actor46.

Bill Paxton, actor47.

Michael Che, actor48.

Robert Lopez, actor49.

Robert Carradine, actor50.

Jeff Bridges, actor51.

Amy Seimetz, actor52.

Tim McGraw, actor53.

Tim Allen, actor54.

Amy Schumer, comedian55.

John Malkovich, comedian56.

Michael Richards, comedian57.

Amy Tisch, comedian58.

Kevin Hart, comedian59.

Ben Stiller, comedian60.

Will Smith, comedian61.

Russell Peters, comedian62.

Jason Mraz, comedian63.

Michael Stuhlbarg, comedian64.

George Lopez, comedian65.

Kevin James, comedian66.

Robert Rodriguez, comedian67.

Dave Chappelle, comedian68.

Bill Burr, comedian69.

Jon Hamm, comedian70.

John Mulaney, comedian71.

Jason Schwartzman, comedian72.

John Oliver, comedian73.

Michael Sheen, comedian74.

George Clooney, comedian75.

Mark Ruffalo, comedian76. Amy Pascal