Tampa Photography Museum News New documentary from Vevey, the photographers who made history

New documentary from Vevey, the photographers who made history

Vevey Photography Museum is a new documentary film by filmmaker Chris Vvey.

The film looks at the photographers, their lives and the art they created during the Great Depression, with an emphasis on the impact of photography on the people who created it.

The filmmakers are also working with a number of the photographers’ families to create a documentary about the work of their loved ones and the lives they lived through.

The documentary is directed by Chris Vvez and stars Michaela Kavitz, Sarah McEwen, Paul McEwan, and David Farkas.

Vevey Photo Museum: A Journey Through Time (Vvey Photo Collection, 2013) Vevey photo collector and curator of the Vevey Collection, Michaela C. Kaviz, speaks with the filmmakers about the photographers life in a way that will help viewers connect with the subjects.

The story of the photography collection and how it was gathered and collected is told through images of the photographs, including a selection from the Vevez Collection, which is part of the National Portrait Gallery of Canada.

Vevy Photo Museum also looks at how the photographers created and shared images of themselves and the community that was formed around them.

This collection includes the works of many of the world’s great photographers, including Alfred Dreyfus, Louis Blanc, Renoir, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Henri Rousseau, James Koons, John Waters, and Paul Gauguin.

Veve Photography Museum: My Journey through Time (Vevey Photo, 2013), is available to purchase and view at Vevey.ca or at the Vvez Photo Gallery.

Vevez Photo Museum, a new digital gallery, is also available to view online.