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How to use this gallery

The museum’s online collection is now available to anyone with an account.

The digital version of the collection is available to the public.

DURHAM, Victoria The Museum of Victorian Art in Sydney’s west has announced a new initiative aimed at helping patrons discover and appreciate Victorian art from a wider perspective.

The museum is expanding its digital collection and offering a range of interactive exhibitions online.

Museum Director, Sarah Smith, said the project would help visitors explore Victorian art through a new lens.

“The digitisation and exhibition of the Museum’s digital collection is a new opportunity for visitors to explore the art history of the Victorian era through digital platforms,” Ms Smith said.

We’ve always had an eye for Victorian art and the new digital format allows us to continue that, she said.

The new collections include over 100 works from the period from 1800 to 1900, the earliest works and some of the most influential and controversial works of the period.

She said the digital exhibitions would be a unique opportunity for people to experience Victorian art with a new perspective and to have an opportunity to explore new works.

“We hope the exhibition will be a gateway to the Museum, allowing people to explore artworks that are out of print or unavailable to the general public,” Ms Sainsbury said.

Ms Smith said the digitisation would help people discover the work through the eyes of an expert.

“[We want to] bring it into the 21st century and bring it to people who have never been exposed to it before,” she said, adding that people could view works on a large screen and see them in a much larger space.

Ms Smith is also making available an interactive exhibition.

For a limited time, visitors can download a short video from the museum.

To access the exhibition, visitors must download a free app called the Durban and the Muse, and then upload the app to their smartphone or tablet.

Once downloaded, the app will be installed on the mobile device.

Visitors will then be able to explore works on the museum’s website, using the app, the museum website and in a virtual tour, all of which will be updated regularly.

It is hoped that the exhibition would become a part of the museum experience, rather than an afterthought.

As part of this project, the Museum is also opening a new exhibition gallery, a virtual museum, to be displayed in the galleries.

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