Tampa Photography Museum Contact The Bronx Museum of Photography invites photographers to submit photos of New York City

The Bronx Museum of Photography invites photographers to submit photos of New York City

By NICHOLAS MARTINEZ AND MATT SULLIVANNYPublished June 13, 2019 11:00 amNew York City’s famed Bronx Museum has opened its first ever online gallery, a digital art collection that will be housed in its historic building in the heart of the city’s financial district.

Photographer Michael Bialik was inspired to create the gallery when he decided to spend his summers in New York, where he grew up.

“I wanted to make a collection where you could go and visit the Bronx,” he told NBC News.

“And you could see how different this city is from what you see every day in other cities.”

Bialik hopes that by bringing together the collection, the gallery, the public and the artists, it will allow people to see what is special about the city and the art world.

“This is going to be something really special,” he said.

“The Bronx is an art hub, it’s an artistic city, and this is the first digital art gallery that is going around New York.”

It will be open to the public from Friday to Saturday.

Bialicik is planning to host his first gallery event in the Bronx at the Bronx Museum’s new venue, the West Wing.

Bialyks collection includes a wealth of art and photography, including portraits, landscapes and portraits.

He is also working on a film called “The Bronx,” and plans to use the collection to document the citys diverse history.

“We’re looking to capture the diversity of New Yorkers and the richness of the Bronx, and then the richness and the diversity is going through the Bronx.

It’s a lot of different places, a lot in the same way that the Bronx is a diverse city, but it’s also a very diverse city,” he explained.

The Bronx Museum is located in the historic West Wing of the former Eastman Kodak Company.

It opened in December 2018 and is known for its art collections, its collection of historic photographs and its collection, now a museum, of rare and modern art.