Tampa Photography Museum About Us When The Beatles were ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Greatest’: A Conversation With John Lennon and Paul McCartney

When The Beatles were ‘The Beatles’ and ‘The Greatest’: A Conversation With John Lennon and Paul McCartney

In the 1970s, Paul McCartney and John Lennon were the Beatles.

They were the greatest rock band ever.

John Lennon was also the Beatles’ drummer.

They had two albums to their name, and each of their records sold more than a million copies.

But as the Beatles were in the midst of their biggest album release of the ’60s, the band was still struggling to break into the American mainstream.

The band’s biggest hit, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” was a smash, but by the time the band’s last studio album, “Yesterday,” was released in 1974, the album had sold just 10,000 copies.

The Beatles weren’t the only band in America that had struggled.

In England, the Beatles had a bad year.

In 1972, a record label had been shut down and many Beatles members were on the lam.

In the US, there was a major rock star death.

In Britain, there were protests.

There were rock stars.

In America, there weren’t rock stars at all.

It was a period of cultural upheaval.

But the Beatles didn’t let it define them.

They saw it as a time when they could truly be themselves, and they could really get back to making music, with a different, fresh sound.

In this book, John Lennon, Paul George and Ringo Starr talk about the beginnings of the Beatles in this exclusive interview with CBS News.

How the Beatles became The Beatles John Lennon (1937-1981) and Paul George (1932-1994) had the same love of music, and that’s how they formed The Beatles.

It wasn’t a very good time for The Beatles in the late ’60th century.

They didn’t have a record contract.

They weren’t very good musicians.

They needed a new way of doing things.

So they got together, and we came up with a way of putting together something new.

We started from scratch.

The idea was to have a new album, to make it something different.

So we decided to make a new sound, and it was this new kind of album.

We called it the “Lioness” album.

It had a very new feel, it was very different from the others, and John and Paul thought it was really exciting.

The record company wanted us to do another album, and then they were going to do it the way we wanted to do this album.

That was the beginning of The Beatles as a group.

They got together again, and the record company was not happy.

They wanted the same deal, so they got it.

They decided that we were not good enough, and so we were just going to go on this new album.

The album was released the following year, and a new group was formed, the Paul McCartney Group.

They released the album, called “Beatles Live.”

It was their last record.

It still sold more copies than the other two albums, and became their best-selling album.

In 1974, “Livin’ On A Prayer” was their biggest hit.

It became their biggest song, but they still had trouble selling it.

It took them a long time to break through the American charts.

But they eventually did.

And that’s the way the Beatles started to become The Beatles, a label in the US.

They went from being in the basement to being on the top.

They also made some huge records that helped the world, including “Hey Jude,” which won two Grammy Awards.

The first record by the Beatles, “The Beatles,” was the biggest single of all time.

It sold a million in a week, and sold 10 million copies in a month.

That’s a big album.

And the Beatles helped the rest of the world to understand that they are a great group of people, and great people can make great records.

In “Hey John,” Paul McCartney said, “I think this record is very important.”

That’s when I got the idea to do an album of music that would make the world understand the true meaning of being a group of artists.

So, I did the Beatles album.

There was a song called “Live And Let Die,” which is on “Yesterday.”

It’s about two of us going into the studio together, getting together and getting the band together.

It’s a beautiful song.

It has an epic feel.

It just makes you want to sing along.

But I thought, I can’t have it being so sad.

I can only have it be a beautiful, upbeat song, and there’s nothing sad about it.

So I took that away from the record, and I said, Let’s take it out of context.

The song was not about sadness.

It really had a sense of hope and excitement and energy.

But, as we started the record on it, we started to realize that the whole song had this