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How to take an antique photo with a new camera

Harn’s museum is celebrating a rare moment with a vintage photo collection.article Harn, Ont.

— Harn Museum photographer Steve Rolfe says he had never taken a photo before.

The first one came when he was in his 20s.

He had never been to a museum and he was a novice.

Rolfedt had no idea how to take pictures.

The new collection at Harn includes more than 40 photos, including some he took as a student.

But what he really wants to share is the history behind each one.

Rolfe and his wife, Amy, opened Harn Photo Gallery in the spring of 2017.

The couple bought a 1970s home in the area, and they decided to take photos of their house for their new gallery.

They got permission to post the photos on Facebook, and it was a huge hit.

The gallery has over 10,000 photos, ranging from vintage cars to modern buildings.

They’re still working on adding photos from other historical times and eras, but they’re working on finding a more modern-looking one.

They started in 2009 with a handful of pictures of old cars and buildings, but now they have more than 70,000.

They’ve been trying to figure out how to display them, and have a couple of plans for the future.

The first museum exhibition in the collection will be on Saturday at the Harn Vintage Collection at Hernan’s Place in Harn.

Ralfe said the exhibition will feature images of historical buildings, as well as a new collection of photographs from Harn that were taken when they lived there.

They also plan to display photos from their own family history.

Ralfe says the photos have become an important part of his life, and the collection has helped him learn a lot about his family and how they came to live here.

Amy said they’ve had a few people ask what they do with the pictures, and she has always said that the most important thing is to give them to the people that need them.