Tampa Photography Museum News The Photo Museum in Florence: A Place to Explore and Think

The Photo Museum in Florence: A Place to Explore and Think

An exhibition at the American Conservative Museum features images of the city and its people.

It’s part of a broader initiative to highlight Florence as a place to discover, reflect and think.

“We’ve made it our mission to showcase and promote the unique, creative and fascinating work that has been created in Florence, Italy over the last century,” said museum director Scott T. DeVos, who is also a contributing editor at The American Heritage.

“The American Conservative is proud to be a partner in this endeavor.”

The museum, located at the intersection of Canal and Market streets in downtown Florence, opened in 2018 with a gallery that includes photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson, René Magritte and other prominent photographers.

“It’s a collection that we hope to add to in the future,” DeVons said.

The American Conservatives is also making an effort to highlight the work of Florence’s most prolific photographers and curators.

“In many ways Florence has always been a little bit of a lost city, but in recent years there has been a renaissance,” said DeVoss.

“This is a way for us to show people that Florence is still one of the most dynamic cities in the world and to show that the city is thriving and thriving.”

In the past, DeVoses has shown the American Heritage exhibit on Florence, which features a photo from 1863 showing the city’s first African American mayor, the former president and other influential figures.

“A lot of these pictures were taken when Florence was very small, and when the Italians came and took over the city, Florence was really a very small place,” De Vos said.

“I wanted to show the city as it really is today, and the things that are still going on.”

For the new exhibition, De Voses hopes to showcase the work and ideas that were created by Florence’s diverse photographers.

He said that a recent exhibit featured a number of images by artists such as Giorgio Vasari, who had traveled the world.

“Giorgio was a great guy and a great photographer,” said Tommaso Cerna, the museum’s associate curator of photography.

“And we wanted to present his pictures, so I went down to Florence to show him some of these.

I was really amazed at what he could do.”

The American Conservatory is currently in the process of building a new exhibition space, which will include the exhibition gallery, the photography museum and the archives of the Italian National Library.

The gallery is located at Florence’s Colonna, a former residence of the Palazzo Vecchio.

For more information about the American Conservatories upcoming exhibitions and events, visit their website.