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What do you know about the lion and tiger at the Dali Museum?

By Nick CafardoThe lion and the tiger were part of the Dalian Museum’s collection from around 1930, but they’ve been missing from the museum’s exhibition for almost 60 years.

The museum was founded by Dali and his friend and mentor Sun Yat-sen in 1930, and it was originally intended to be a museum of the arts, but was later turned into a cultural institution.

When the zoo was established in 1952, the lions and tigers were among the animals housed at the zoo.

It was only in 1966, however, that they were allowed to roam free.

Today, the museum holds an impressive collection of the animals that are kept in captivity.

They are considered a national treasure, and in the Dally M Lion and the Tiger exhibition, you’ll see the lions, tigers, zebras and other animals that were bred in captivity at the institution.

The zoo is also known for its work with endangered species.

Here are a few highlights of the zoo’s collection.

The Lion and The Tiger exhibition is at the Museums of Fine Arts, Dalian, China for the duration of the exhibition.