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How to get the most out of your photography festival trip

If you are planning a photography festival visit to the UK, the first step is to decide which ones to visit.

A photo festival will help you make some friends, it will bring you closer to the people you meet and it will make you feel at home in India.

But for most, getting there can be a challenge.

In the last year, we have heard from many of our readers about how difficult it can be to make it to a photography museum or the Indian Museum of Photography.

We have compiled a guide to help you choose the right photography festivals for you and your photography-loving family.

Read on to find out how you can make it easy for yourself.1.

New Delhi International Photography Festival2.

Indian Museum Of Photography3.

National Photographic Society (NPS) 4.

National Museum of Fine Arts5.

National Gallery of Canada6.

National Library of Canada7.

National Zoological Park8.

National Theatre9.

National Youth Orchestra10.

National Centre for the Preservation of Art and Art History11.

National Center for the Arts12.

National Arts Museum13.

National Biodiversity Institute14.

National Indian Museum15.

National Film and Television Institute16.

National Institute of Photography17.

National Science Museum18.

National Tourism Commission19.

National Travelers’ Association20.

National Society of Photographers21.

National Transport Authority22.

National Trust for India23.

National Archaeological Museum24.

National Museums of India25.

National Women’s College26.

National War Memorial Museum27.

National Wildlife Federation28.

National Zoo29.

National Geographic Society30.

National Wine & More31.

National Videogame Museum32.

National Waterway National Park33.

National Parks Service34.

National Theater35.

National Weather Service36.

National Space Museum37.

National Air & Space Museum38.

National Marine Museum39.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration40.

National Park Service41.

National School of Art42.

National Sports Hall of Fame43.

National Spelling Bee44.

National Tourist Information Centre45.

National University of Ireland.46.

National Synagogue47.

National Union of Students.48.

National Young People’s Forum49.

National Teachers’ Association50.

National Urban Association51.

National Volunteers of India.52.

National YMCA53.

National Writers’ Conference54.

National World University Centre for Women, Gender and Development.55.

National Students’ Union of India56.

National United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization57.

National Womens College58.

National Vegetarian Federation59.

National Wholesale Trade Union Committee60.

National Veterinary College61.

National Zoos of India62.

National Wrestling Association63.

National Winter Sports Federation64.

National Welsh Farmers’ Association65.

National Woodland Federation66.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre67.

National American Institute for the Advancement of Science68.

National Asian American Association69.

National Association of Professional Geographers70.

National Aviation Museum71.

National Biotechnology Institute72.

National Chinese Cultural Centre73.

National Children’s Museum74.

National Dairy Farmers’ Federation75.

National Jewish Cultural Centre76.

National Irish Folk Music Festival77.

National Japanese American Museum78.

National Korean American Cultural Centre79.

National Lesbian and Gay Federation of America80.

National Mexican American Cultural Center81.

National Mormon Women’s Conference82.

National Native American American and Pacific Islander American Council83.

National National Pregnancy Resource Center84.

National Paediatric AIDS Foundation85.

National Polish American Congress86.

National Public Health Association87.

National Research Councils Institute of Health88.

National Recreation and Health Service89.

National R&D Academy90.

National Rugby Union 91.

National Russian Canadian Federation92.

National Sikh Community Centre93.

National Surgical Centre94.

National Social Sciences and Humanities Centre95.

National Televisa Company96.

National Transnationals Institute97.

National Television Institute98.

National Univeristy of Singapore99.

National Vietnam Veterans Memorial Institute100.

National Western Australian Museum101.

National Wyndham College of Art102.

National-American Museum of Art103.

National Woman’s College 104.

National Wooden Boat Museum105.

National Watershed Research Centre106.

National Agricultural University of India107.

National Antarctic Scientific Centre108.

National Aquatic Centre109.

National Art Museum110.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration111.

National Archives and Records Administration112.

National Army Museum113.

National Bank of Canada114.

National Capital Territory Museum115.

National Convention Centre116.

National Cultural Centre117.

National Conference of Parties118.

National Council of Historical Research119.

National Censorship Centre120.

National Cricket Hall of fame121.

National Computer Centre122.

National Cemetery of the Indian Mutiny123.

National Court of Inquiry124.

National College of Nursing125.

National Communications Commission126.

National Committee for the Promotion of the Environment127.

National Civic Federation128.

National Crops