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The Intrepid Museum’s Art of the Impossible: The Art of Making It Impossible

With the Smithsonian Institution’s recent announcement of its $20 million investment in The Intrinsic Arts Museum, the art world is finally getting a real, tangible, and accessible museum experience.

And we’re going to be getting one at the Smithsonian in 2021.

The museum, which opened in June of 2016, will be home to a collection of artworks that were created entirely with technology, and that’s the idea behind the Intrinist Art Museum.

While the museum itself is not going to look like any museum that you’ve seen before, its aesthetic design is going to appeal to a wider audience than ever before, and the work of many talented artists and art directors is going be showcased there.

So what are we going to see there?

We’re going in with a small team, so we’re really focused on finding people who can bring these unique, new experiences to life.

It will be a curated collection of works created entirely through technology, from video and video projection to 3D printing and virtual reality.

We’ve already announced that the museum will be open on a first-come, first-served basis, and it’ll open to the public in 2021, with exhibition runs starting later in the year.

The Intranist Art Gallery will be in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History from 2019-2020, and will feature more than 1,000 pieces that will be accessible to the general public, while the museum’s online exhibitions and curated exhibition programs will continue to grow over the next five years.

The Museum will also open a new exhibition series on virtual reality, called “Virtual Reality: A Vision for the 21st Century,” in 2019.

So the Intranis are just the beginning.

We’re also excited about bringing the Intras Art Gallery to the Smithsonian National Museum’s online exhibition offerings.

This will be the first time the museum has been able to host a virtual exhibit on virtual realities, and we’re looking forward to working with Smithsonian colleagues to explore the potential for this technology to bring new artistic expressions to the art and culture landscape.

We are also excited to continue to support the Intra Art Gallery’s exhibitions and interactive programming, including the upcoming “Inner Art” series, which will feature a series of three pieces of work from around the world and curated by two of our museum’s distinguished artists, Tanya Farr and Emily Wylie.

The exhibit will open to visitors starting on July 12 and will be available to view from June 30 through August 1.

We hope you can join us in welcoming the Intrans at the museum!