Tampa Photography Museum News A new look at the UofA photo archive

A new look at the UofA photo archive

Photo gallery: Explore a photo collection at the University of Florida’s Photo Archives.

The University of South Florida has become the latest college to launch an ambitious effort to capture the rich diversity of the U of S community and the diverse experiences of its students.

Photo collection curator Mary Clements said the effort, called the Uofta Photo Archive, aims to provide a snapshot of the city, culture and people who make up the U.S.

A snapshot of South Floridan culture is often portrayed as a black-and-white landscape, devoid of color, with no depth or nuance.

She said the UF Photo Archive captures an experience that can be both familiar and unfamiliar, rich and poor.

The project will bring together thousands of images from the collection, and highlight the diversity of people and places of UF, Clements told the University News Service.

UofA is partnering with a local photo editor and digital curator, who will also collaborate with students on a project exploring the UfA’s rich collection.

Clements says she and the editors hope the work will inspire students to think more about their own community.

“The Uoftas Photo Archive is a unique opportunity to get a peek at the richness of our collections and our people,” she said.

“In our quest to provide the best public archive in the world, we hope to inspire our students to see the rich history and richness of the culture they inhabit, both within our university and in our world.”

Uofa plans to digitize nearly 4,000 photographs from the Ufta Photo Archives, but that process is ongoing.

The first few hundred photographs from Uoftah Photo Archive are available online.

The Uofa Photo Library currently has about 1,200 photographs on its Web site.

It plans to expand the collection to more than 1,000 by the end of the year.

The Uftas Photo Library also plans to publish a new photo-centric journal for students called The Uoftaa Library.