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How to use Google Photos for the Perfect Wedding photo

Google Photos is getting into the world of wedding photos, and the company is offering photographers the ability to edit photos to create the perfect image.

Starting today, Google Photos can be used to edit a wedding photo to a specific style.

You can change the background color, change the lighting, add a few additional images and even change the photo title to create an entirely new shot.

The feature works on both iPhone and Android, but is only available to Chinese users.

The company is still working out a way to make it work on Windows Phone and Windows 7, but the company says that it is looking into this issue.

Google Photos is the third product from the company that is looking to change the way we see and experience photos.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled its first standalone photo editing app, the Hangouts app, which lets you edit photos with your voice and text.

Google has also been working on its own digital photo editing software called Photobucket.

The service will let you create and share photos for the web, but Google Photos isn’t yet ready for public consumption.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Google Photos evolves and whether it can be useful for wedding photographers.