Tampa Photography Museum About Us When an Egyptian statue fell off a crane, a photographer took this image

When an Egyptian statue fell off a crane, a photographer took this image

The story of a photographer taking an Egyptian Statue off a Dumpster on a crane in Cairo was captured on camera by photographer Mike Bowers.

Bowers said he got his footage on March 20, 2016, as the statue of Osiris stood over the dumpster in the street below.

The video shows the crane operator reaching up to remove the pedestal, but then the crane suddenly fell off and struck the trash pile.

Bowers said that after seeing the scene on video, he contacted the Egyptian Museum of Art (EMA) and the Egyptian Civil Protection Department, which had been notified.

“I contacted the Egyptians and said, ‘This is really crazy,'” he said.

“They were like, ‘No, no, we have no information about it.

No, this is completely unrelated to any kind of accident or accident.'”

According to Bowers, the crane fell on the first floor of the museum and struck a wall, breaking a section of the wall and causing $1,300 in damage.

The crane fell again on the second floor, Bowers added.

“So they were like the crane didn’t hit the wall.

It fell on top of the pile of trash, so the debris just fell all over the place,” he said, “and it was very messy.”

Bowser said the crane went down because he was unable to find the crane owner and was unable for several days to contact him.

“I didn’t find out until the next day,” he added.

At the time of the incident, the EMA said that the crane had not been operated in over 20 years and that its crane has been “replaced several times” since then.

Bower said that he contacted Egypt’s Department of Culture, Information and Communication Technology (EDICT) and asked for the crane to be replaced, but the ministry said the project was not possible due to a lack of funds.

Egypt’s Ministry of Culture and Information Technology, which oversees Egypt’s antiquities, also said that it has not been able to locate the crane’s owner.

Bowser, who is currently in France, said he hopes to return to Egypt soon to find out what happened to the crane and to report it to the authorities.

He said that even though he is not a professional photographer, he is trying to bring attention to the issues facing Egypt’s museums.

We need to protect the antiquities and make sure they are protected, Bowsers said.

According with Bowers video, a security guard at the EMO came out and told him that the museum was unable the crane be replaced because of an old structural problem and that the building was unsafe.

However, the security guard also told Bowers that they have been unable to locate anyone who could take the crane down.

The EMO is in charge of Egypt’s cultural heritage and is responsible for keeping the monuments safe, Bains said.

He added that the EMDICT is responsible to secure and repair Egypt’s monuments.

Since Bowers’ video was published on March 22, 2017, it has been viewed over 2 million times and received over 1 million comments.

In a statement posted to its website, the Egyptian Ministry of Cultural Affairs said that “the security guard was not authorized to operate the crane on the main floor of EMA.”

“The safety of the public and the safety of staff is paramount in all our operations, and EMA has been informed about the incident and the necessary measures to safeguard the monuments,” the statement added.