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What to know about Porto’s Daguerro photography museum

A Portuguese photographer named Daguers was known for capturing the perfect portrait, and this is his signature look.

In this photo gallery you will learn how to capture the best portrait and how to use his techniques.

1 / 1 3 / 1 6 Porto photographer Daguerrro, center, poses with a portrait of Portuguese author Cesar Gatti.

A few years after Daguergro died, his widow, Maria, made the decision to donate the portrait.

She was a huge fan of the artist.

Daguera is often associated with his famous portrait, but this is the first time we can see the final image he made of Gatti, as seen in the book The Artist’s Life.

2 / 1 4 / 1 7 Porto writer José Marques has been the subject of several books and documentaries about his life.

Here, he looks at the first and last portrait of his work.

3 / 2 5 / 1 8 Porto artist Luis de Guzman has been a subject of numerous documentaries and works of art, including the portrait of the Spanish artist Alberto Contador.

He’s also an author, and his paintings have been seen in exhibitions in Paris, Milan, and London.