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How to make the perfect gift for the person you love

With the holidays in full swing, we’re celebrating with some special gift ideas for the holidays and you’re invited to share yours with us. 

If you’re new to the blog, this post was originally published in February of this year and has been updated several times since then.

Here are some of our favorite gifts to give to loved ones for the new year: The Perfect Gift for the Person You Love 1.

An autographed picture of yourself at a concert or a party, or a picture of you at a party.

This gift will help remind the person who’s paying attention that you’re a big fan and that you want them to know that you love them too.


A photo of you with a favorite food or drink.

Make it a personal trip to a restaurant, and enjoy your favorite dish.


A photograph of you in your favorite movie, tv show, or music video.

When you think about the person that’s paying close attention, it makes it easier to remember that you care about them as well. 


A piece of jewelry.

Your favorite pair of shoes, a ring, or bracelet, a gift for someone who appreciates fashion, a small piece of art, or something you think is going to make them smile.


A gift card to a favorite grocery store or pharmacy.

Get them to buy some of your favorite products, and save you some money.


A picture of the person or someone you like. 

A picture of a loved one, or an image of them, can be a very emotional moment.


A card or certificate for someone special, a present for a special person. 

Give them something to look forward to. 8.

A new book. 

Read something you love or a new book to read, and let them know that they’re in for a treat.


A beautiful gift card for a charity you support. 

You might be able to help someone who’s suffering from a financial crisis with this gift. 


A small gift for a loved friend or family member. 

Get someone together to play a game or just hang out. 


A special present to someone special. 

Show someone a photo or picture of someone special to remember and show them you care. 


A nice, old picture of an old friend or loved one. 

Don’t forget that they care.


A personalized gift card. 

They probably know someone in your life that has suffered from an illness or is in need of a support system. 


A cute photo of a family member or pet that makes you smile. 


A great way to get to know someone you have never met. 

The best way to show someone that you really care about someone is to make a special surprise for them. 


A framed photo of someone you love. 

This is a very special time for everyone involved, and you’ll probably remember it for the rest of your life. 


A sweet and simple way to remember someone you know. 

Let them know how much you appreciate them.


A surprise for someone you really love.

Take a picture or two of the thing that you loved most or a favorite thing that they loved. 


A way to pay respect to someone who made you smile for the first time. 

These things really mean a lot.


A fun, fun, and funny way to celebrate Christmas. 

What you’re giving to someone this year is going be special.

 It’s time to remember them, and show the world that you appreciate their generosity.