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Which Australian artist has the best collection?

The Melbourne Museum of Contemporary Art has been nominated for a new “Best Art Museum” award, with its collection of photographs, posters, art prints and prints from around the world making it the first Australian institution to win the prestigious honour.

A selection of the gallery’s prints and photographs were also named as winners of the Australian Museum of Modern Art (AMMA) Modern Photography Award.

“This is an honour to have this Australian institution as a finalist for the AMMA Modern Photography award,” museum director and curator, Ben Smith, said.

“We’re really proud to have received this prestigious award, and look forward to winning it in the coming weeks.”

The AMMA is the first institution to be named on the list and we’re thrilled to be a finalists.

“The museum’s collection of prints, paintings and other works of art includes works by the likes of John Paul Getty, George Bernard Shaw, John Constable and Michael Burroughs.

In the past, AMMA has been the recipient of the National Museum of Australia’s (NMMA) Art in the Arts award, but that award has been renamed to the Art in Contemporary Art (ACCA) Award.AAP