Tampa Photography Museum News Photo museum torontos ‘photo festival’ is just the start of its future

Photo museum torontos ‘photo festival’ is just the start of its future

TORONTO — Toronto’s first and only photo museum, PhotoFestival Toronto, is just getting started.

The $150 million facility is open for business, with tours and exhibitions from the city’s premier photography museum.

With more than 100,000 photos on display, PhotoFest Toronto is the largest outdoor photography event in North America, said Sarah Steeves, executive director of the museum.

She said the organization plans to keep the program going, adding the city will soon host its own photo-sharing event.

While the facility is already the home of many Toronto residents, Steevels says this year’s event is just one of many plans the city is working on to create a tourism-friendly environment in Toronto.

The city recently launched a tourism marketing campaign for the upcoming year, she said, including an online guide to help tourists navigate the city.

The city also launched a digital map to help guide visitors through their trip.

The museum’s annual photo festival, held in April, was a huge success, with nearly 1,000 people coming out to take photos of the city, according to Steeve.

The festival brought in more than $20 million for the city and tourism.

“It was just an amazing opportunity for us to see how this industry can flourish and be successful and bring the tourism dollars in,” Steeven said.

Toronto is now looking to do away with the need for a permit for photo-shoots, but she says the city still needs to work out some details.

There’s also no guarantee the museum will be able to get the permits necessary for it to open up for business.