Tampa Photography Museum Contact When Italy celebrates its 400th anniversary, Milan photographer Roberto De Stefano will be the first to pay homage to the past

When Italy celebrates its 400th anniversary, Milan photographer Roberto De Stefano will be the first to pay homage to the past

A new Italian photographer will be commissioned to take an historic moment from Milan’s past and present by a Milan museum to celebrate its 400 years of photography.

Roberto De Stefano, a 28-year-old Italian born in Milan, has been shooting in Milan since 2006 and is currently the only person to take over the position of curatorial director of the Milan Photography Museum.

The museum was established in 2006, with the help of a private donor, and the work is the first of its kind in the world.

The new curator will be Andrea Gallo, a graduate of the Florence College of Art.

The other new curator is Francesca Palazzo, who was appointed as director of photography at the Louvre in 2013. 

The museum will open in May 2019. 

It will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with exhibitions from the end of April to the beginning of May. 

There are no plans to change the curatorial philosophy or style, De Stefanos artistic director, Francesca Guglielmo, said. 

“The exhibition will reflect the richness of the works, its history and its place in Italy,” she said.

The exhibition is entitled The Story of Italy, a work of art which was made from two different photographers, Carlo Di Lorenzo and Roberto De Stella, who were both born in the year of 1526 and 1527 respectively.

The Italian art world was then in a transition period between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and in the 19th century, the art world began to explore new artistic forms. 

In a post on his Instagram account, DeStefano wrote: “This exhibition is the story of my life in a city, a story of the journey of my soul.

The journey of this artist, my work and the city is very similar to the story I tell my story in my paintings.

I always tell the story as if it is my own story.”

De Stefano said he had already talked to Gallo about his vision for the museum and had found a partner who has the vision of a museum that reflects the city’s rich history and culture.

Gallo said she was inspired by the idea of a retrospective that would be curated by the Italian government to show that Italy has a rich history.

The show will focus on the works of De Stefans father, Luigi De Stefani, the father of the city of Milan. 

De Stefanoes father is known as “the man who gave Milan its name,” and he founded the first art school in the city in 1527. 

Milan’s history is rich, and there are many museums in the country that have a strong history. 

One of them is the citys famous National Museum, which dates back to 1770 and is one of the most important museums in Europe. 

Another is the Palazzos, the Museum of Fine Arts, which was established by the family of Italian painter Paolo Palazzi. 

Giorgio Armani, the founder of the art house known for the Italian fashion and fashion accessories, is the patron of the museum, and he donated it to the museum in the early 20th century. 

A new exhibition will open at the museum on March 16, 2019.