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When does the next bitcoin exchange launch?

Posted November 20, 2018 04:31:30 The next bitcoin company to launch will be based in the United States, a key factor for the blockchain industry, the founder of a bitcoin exchange in Hong Kong said on Monday.

Alden Ku, founder of Crypto Coins, told Bloomberg that he expects the first bitcoin exchange to launch sometime in 2020.

The exchange will be focused on US-based companies and technology, he said.

The cryptocurrency market is valued at $3.3 trillion, according to CoinMarketCap.

Ku said he has invested in at least 50 bitcoin startups, but no other firm has launched in the region.

Ku said he’s looking to build a local exchange and hopes to get the company up and running before the start of the new year.

The bitcoin community is trying to figure out what to do with the current uncertainty in the market, he added.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has taken steps to regulate the bitcoin industry in recent weeks.

Ku was in Hong.Bloomberg