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How to take your own photograph in the park

A man has created a video that lets you take your picture at a park in the middle of the night.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by artist Matthew Mihalik, shows a man walking down a street in a park with his camera rolling, and the camera rolling on the side of the street.

“In this video, the man walks down the street and the sun rises,” the caption reads.

“He takes the camera to a small park in a small space.”

“As the sun sets, he turns back to the camera and takes another shot, which he then repeats a few times,” the video continues.

“This is what you can expect to see when you go to a park that’s dark.”

The video is captioned: “In this case, you can see the sun setting and it’s dark outside.”

“You can see this sunrise sunrise and the sunset sunset, as well as the sun and moon,” the YouTube description adds.

“If you look up and watch the sky, you will see the sunrise and sunset, and you’ll know that it’s time to get out of the house and get a drink.”

The man behind the video, who has now uploaded his own version of the video to YouTube, says he has a background in architectural photography.

“My background is in photography,” he says in the video.

“I did a couple of video shoots for a local magazine, and I did some work in the architectural studio, and it really helped me get my foot in the door as a photographer.”

He added that the sunsets and sunrise photos he took in Memphis last year “are my favorite ones” of the park.

“It’s a real pleasure to be able to take a shot at Memphis’ downtown parks with my camera,” he said.

Mihaliks video was one of many videos to be uploaded to Facebook earlier this month, as a group of photographers from around the world came together to photograph Memphis, Tennessee.