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How to take a selfie in New York City

In the summer of 2018, a photographer in New Jersey took a picture of a statue of Adolf Hitler.

That photo went viral and has been shared more than a million times.

It’s one of the most popular pictures from New York.

It was shared more by men than women and has drawn more than $2 million in advertising.

Photographer Alex Bregman spent weeks on the ground to capture the moment, photographing dozens of people taking a selfie with the statue.

Bregmann was inspired by an incident he was in when he was visiting Berlin, when he saw a group of women in a bar drinking beer.

He decided to try taking a photo of them, as well as another man and his friends.

“It was so funny to see the women who were drinking beer with Hitler, and I just thought, this is the best way to capture that moment,” he told the New York Times.

In Berlin, a man asked the men to take him to the bathroom and then took the photo.

Brelman thought the photo was so hilarious that he decided to take it to the streets.

“We were standing outside of the hotel, and people were taking photos,” he said.

“So we started taking the photos.”

Bregmen took hundreds of shots, all in different places around the city, until he got a photograph that he shared on Instagram.

He has since shared the photo with the hashtag #metrofoto.

“When people think of me, they think of a photographer, but this was a photographer who took this photo and made it viral,” Bregmans caption on the Instagram post reads.

“I was literally just on a beach, and a bunch of women were drinking.

It took me a few minutes to get the shot, but I got the image.”

He told the Times that the reaction has been huge.

“You can’t believe how much attention people have gotten to this photo,” he explained.

“The only reason people are sharing it is because they love the picture.

It just feels so powerful to be able to share it with the world.”

“We’ve had some people who have said they are going to buy the photo for $1,000.

It is a very cool thing to see, and it’s kind of funny, too,” he continued.

“For a photo to go viral, it’s just such a unique moment.

It could be a day in history, or it could be in your lifetime.

I think it’s something people will appreciate for a long time.”

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